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Alteration to How many invitation codes can I generate?

I would like to propose the following change to the FAQ: How many invitation codes can I generate? Too many users are complaining that they can't generate an invite code after waiting a week, but in reality ... the account hasn't been exactly a week old.

How many invitation codes can I generate?
Only users with existing LiveJournal accounts can generate the codes used to create a new account without paying. Users earn the ability to generate these codes as follows:

* If you have a recently created account, then you are entitled to generate 1 code after you've had the account for a week. To determine if you have the ability to generate your first free invite code, check your user information in full mode ( and look for 'Date created:' ... you will be able to generate an invite code 1 week after your creation date, to the second. The date indicated is based on US Pacific Time (-0800).

* Every month of paid time generates 1 code. For example, If you pay for 1 year, you will receive all 12 codes once your payment has been confirmed. This also works for all of the paid time you have received in the past. (Receiving paid time as a gift also has the same benefit. Paying for someone else's LiveJournal does not give you account creation codes.)

* If you have made an acknowledged contribution to LiveJournal as a volunteer, you will receive 1 code for it.

* For every 20 points you earn by helping in the Support center (, you will receive 1 code. For more information on how you can help, see the Guide to Answering Support Requests (

* If you have a Permanent Account, you can generate 5 new codes every month, but in order to keep them you need to claim them from the invitation page. You will not be able to claim codes that go ungenerated for past months.

* If you have an early adopter account, you have a base collection of 15 codes.

You can visit to generate your codes. When you've generated a code, you can use it yourself or give it to someone else.

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