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ScrapBook: What are galleries? [Draft]

It's just a little long. Input is welcome as I'm sure it will probably need to be tweaked.

What are galleries?

Galleries are places where you can group together sets of photos. You can group them however you desire, whether it's by the date they were taken, subject matter (a gallery of family members or landscape shots for instance), or even by where they were taken.

A gallery is not just limited to having a single level either. You can have several sub-galleries within a top-level gallery that you may further sort your photos into groups as specific as you want.

How do I change the gallery settings on my pictures?

Gallery Properties

Once you are logged in to ScrapBook hover over Manage on the navigation bar and then click on the Galleries link. (Manage Your Galleries) This will pull up a listing of all of your current galleries. Unsorted will be the only gallery until you create one of your own.

Click on the name of the gallery that you wish to change the settings for.

On the Properties page for the gallery you selected you can alter the title or description of the gallery by just typing something new into the corresponding box.

If you wish to change the security for the gallery that is also done here. Changing the security will alter who can and cannot see the gallery from your main ScrapBook index. If all of the photos in the gallery are public you can still link to them. Which is handy if you want to show a few friends a couple of pictures but don't want the world, or even people on any of your other custom ScrapBook friends groups to see.

A Gallery's Pictures

If you click the Pictures link in the left column of the gallery's Properties page we see a list of the photos in this gallery. (The Properties page is the default when you click a gallery name from the Manage Galleries page.)

You can select a photo or multiple photos by simply clicking on them and then selecting an action from the buttons at the bottom of the page.

The arrows below each picture will move that photo to left or right one in the order. By clicking the Pic link however we are brought to the Properties page for the photo above it. This is where we can edit the title and description for that image along with changing the security setting, and editing any tags for it. You can also opt to Post to Journal from the Properties page for any image.

At the top of this page you will find a few links which will let you edit and view the image.

The Gallery's Text and Security

Now if we return to the Properties page for the gallery and go to Text and Security we are presented with a list of the images in our gallery. At the top of the page we can select which picture size we want to use to view everything below that point. The choices are small, medium, large, and huge. For number of pictures per page you can do ten, twenty-five, fifty, or a hundred. You should select what works best for you based on your Internet connection.

The pictures listed will be in the order we saw them on the Pictures page. We can quickly change the position of a picture here. Let's say the image which is in position three you want to be first. Change the number in the Pos box to be 1 and it will now be the first image. The former photo #1 is now photo #2, former picture #2 is now picture #3. This is a super quick way to make that first picture the last one that shows up in the gallery should you want to kick it to the end.

You can change the title and description of a photo here. If you wish to title and describe a batch of photos this would be a quick way to go about it, and while you're at it, why not tag it too?

While you're here, if you don't want specific photos in the gallery to be public you can the security for each individual picture here. Just pick the desired security setting from the drop down list, make sure to hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page, and you're in business.

View the Gallery

The View link lets us view the gallery so we can check out any changes we made and confirm that everything still looks as good (or better!) as we anticipated.

May your new-found photo prowess serve you well!

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