Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

scrapbook FAQs

The ever-talented jc has gone through the draft proposals so far and added FAQs for them, and I've gone through and rounded off a couple final things. A whole bunch of new FAQs, as well as a couple edited FAQs. Eyeballs appreciated!

In "Userpics":
FAQ194: Where can I find userpics? How do I give credit for a userpic?

In "Paid Accounts":
FAQ253: How do I post pictures from my cell phone to my journal?

In "ScrapBook":
FAQ246: What is ScrapBook? How do I use it?
FAQ254: How do I upload a picture to ScrapBook and post it to my journal?
FAQ252: How do I edit the images in my ScrapBook? Can I adjust the thumbnail's focus?
FAQ255: How can I control who can see my ScrapBook pictures?
FAQ257: What are galleries? How do I change the gallery settings on my pictures?
FAQ256: How do I customize the appearance of my ScrapBook gallery?
FAQ217: What happens to my ScrapBook when my paid account expires?

Bundles of thanks to anykeytocontinu, missakins, aerithfreak, coffeechica, magic_beans for all your hard work in writing drafts for these. :D

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