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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

This time I made sure I used en_lj

Lots of little things.

In FAQ #145: Basic information on overrides can be found at [FAQ 124]
In the same FAQ, should there be a link to the page in there If the Modify Journal page is?
This FAQ also switches a lot between "Paid, Permanent and Earl Adopter", "Paid" and "Paid and Permanent" but this is probably deliberate.
And it links to FAQ #171 for a list of supported layouts. Wouldn't a link directly to the s2howto entries be more useful?

FAQ #25 uses '$' while #244 uses 'US$'. I haven't checked all the other payment FAQs to determine what is used more often, but maybe using the same through all the FAQ would be a good idea?

A lot of the newer FAQ (247, 248, 250) use normal links to the HowTos, while the older ones have been changed to use LJ-Tags

ScrapBook links jump between "XYZ" and [XYZ]. I have a feeling there might be a system to it that I'm missing, but I thought I'd mention it.
And maybe the use between THIS and <h3>This</h3> to separate different sections should at least be consistent in the different categories?

It's probably obvious to anyone but me, but why does FAQ #226 link to "How do I use an lj-cut? What are the other LiveJournal-specific tags?"?

One last thing:
I'm not sure where this belongs, but /manage/voicepost.bml.success.text talks about phone settings - shouldn't it be Voice Post settings instead?
Oh, and it's still called Email Gateway Settings on the Sitemap

Tags: cat-scrapbook, faq145, status-resolved
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