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Paid communities

FAQ 95 - Some of the items that are listed as applying to all accounts don't apply in the same way to communities.

- 15 userpics, rather than the 3 allowed to free users; (I think this should just have a little note about how they can't be used for posting, because some people don't realize that, and unlike some things about comms, it's not self-evident)

- Ability to purchase add-on userpic space for an additional 85 userpics; (same)

- Ability to insert polls into your LiveJournal entries; (A free maintainer can post polls in a paid community, but no other free users can.)

FAQ 77 would be a good place for a general rundown of how paid time applies to comms as opposed to personal journals.

Paid communities can use most of the features that paid journals have, but some do not apply to communities or apply differently.
  • Userpics: A paid community can have the same number of userpics as a personal journal, and can purchase extra userpic space, but they can not be selected from when posting entries.

  • "Get comments you post emailed to you" option: This does not apply to community accounts, which can not post comments.

  • Polls: A maintainer account can post polls in a paid community, even if the maintainer has a free account. However, other posters will need their own paid accounts in order to post polls.

  • In addition, the following features do not apply to paid communities: Scrapbook photo hosting, Directory access, ability to create syndicated accounts, mobile posting, voice posting, Express Lane access, and the ability to view users who are popular among friends.

Also, in the existing list of differences, under "Comments and Entries," could we add that there is no way to have notification of all comments in the community sent to the community's email address?
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