Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

mini cleanup

This is just a cleanup of some of the things marked status-pending. Not everything's been handled yet, but we'll get it sooner or later. ;) This is just round one!

[link] FAQ71: updated to include a full list of password requirements
[link] FAQ229: clarified that you use edittags.bml, not editjournal.bml
[link] FAQ30: added a line saying that we can't support TM services that require logins
[link] FAQ244: clarified that automatic COPPA flags only get set on acct creation
[link] FAQ129: removed info about domain monger, since it's v. old
[link] FAQ84: reorganized slightly, included info about banning via comment deletion

The rest are pretty much just cosmetic changes:

[link] FAQ117: fixed a minor linking issue
[link] FAQ148: fixed a minor linking issue
[link] FAQ30: fixed a typo!
[link] FAQ129, FAQ66, FAQ155: updated to list LJ's new IP
[link] FAQ194: fixed a typo!
[link] FAQ120: fixed a linking problem
[link] FAQ1: fixed a linking problem
[link] FAQ80: minor rearrangement/tweaking

Edit! Here's a couple more:

[link] FAQ210: clarified that you use the same steps if the buttons are gone, too
[link] FAQ8: XML files can be rendered readable using the howto tutorial
[link] FAQ66: comm maintainers can also see IPs

Edit Edit! Here's a couple more, two days later; editing them in here since they aren't major enough to merit their own post. :)

[link] FAQ249 now includes info on how to join the schools team
[link] FAQ124 minor punctuation issue fixed
[link] FAQ134 number mismatch fixed
[link] FAQ16 clarified the "your journal will be available for undeletion, but it won't be visible, but it's still deleted" line.
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