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FAQ #178 (syn) mentions 'friends page'. Stylistically, this should be 'Friends page'.

FAQ #149 (syn) states: 'RSS feeds ... ... are RSS version 2.0, and ... Atom feeds are ... version 0.3.'
The Atom support onsite was updated from v0.3 to 1.0, a while back. There might be a couple of things that're still be ironed out in terms of 100% compliance still - either way it's "pretty much" version 1.0, and now no longer 0.3.

Further down, it reads: "Feeds include the subject (when present), the full text of the entry..."

This is true for RSS feeds. A constructed title will be auto-inserted for each entry in an Atom feed though, if the user didn't provide one.
No user-provided entry title in an RSS feed just means the title tag is omitted. No user-provided entry title in an Atom feed means it's still included, and content inserted:
<title>exampleusername @ 2005-12-19T00:00:00</title> There was a suggestion that this auto-correction be removed, but it's there at the moment anyway.

I don't have a snappy wording suggestion to alter it but maybe someone can suggest something in comments. The rest of the sentence mentions full text of the entry, this should probably stay as it is the standard account behaviour.

FAQ #163 (syn) mentions the syn_quest community, the "help you find a syndicated account that relates to" wording should be tweaked to match the existing text "...used to request the names of syndicated feeds that already exist if they cannot..." from the official journals FAQ (FAQ #125)

FAQ #151 mentions external feeds need to be in an encoding method LiveJournal supports, but doesn't mention or link to details of what those are. Listing various encoding methods is probably overkill and liable to change as zilla'd bugs get fixed. So, I suggest just saying something about how ideally feeds in Unicode (UTF-8) format should be used, since they offer best support for different languages/character sets.

cat-clients / cat-ext_sites

FAQ #216 refers to 'Paid accounts'. This needs to be changed to 'Paid Accounts' to comply with house style.

In FAQ #27 the second-to-last paragraph has 'clients' capitalised. I suggest lower-casing it ~ it just looks off to me. Also it links under further reading to "The 'howto' journal" ...which is now a community. Not sure how you want to refer to howto in its new form.

In FAQ #218, all occurences of 'blogger' need changing to 'Blogger'. Also, I believe this uses the old form of the URI; FAQ #224 already uses the new [] format. This needs to be confirmed though. Incidentally, FAQ #224 might be more at home in the 'Client Software' FAQcat, rather than the 'Working with Other Sites' cat - thoughts?

cat-basic / cat-ext_sites

FAQ 208 could do with a link from the "How do I?" Quick FAQ.


In FAQ #56, the period (full stop) displayed after 'premium features' appears within the anchor tag, so is displayed in the hyperlink. Would look better outside link.

administrative / rfc

Most of the links in the FAQs display oddly for me in that the links break in the middle of words, sadly. It seems due to the placing of the <wbr> tags and/or the tag possibly only being supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape (well, not Firefox very well at least).
E.g. In Firefox 1.0.7 on XP I'd see: Ogg Vorbis (
(entire URL linked). Whereas, the same FAQ in IE6 is displayed thus: Ogg Vorbis

It does seem to improve a little when viewed in an 800x600 resolution though. Markup-wise, the &shy; soft hyphen, (&#173;) is used for the purpose of indicating where a word may be broken at the end of a line. Otherwise, it is to remain invisible and not affect the appearance of the word. Or, to prevent a line break from occurring between two words, the &nbsp; entity (&#160;) acts as a space where user agents should not cause a line break. I'm not sure which solution would work best, maybe the existing implementation is the most effective. Perhaps it could be looked at again though?

Lastly, could the new HTML Formatting guide [link] be added into lj_userdoc memories please?
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