Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan


Another smackdown. There are still eight six! outstanding proposals, and I'll tend to those tomorrow/sometime. But for now, we have:

[link] FAQ91 now links to FAQ191, on errors that occur if you don't backdate correctly.

[link] FAQ25 now explains what happens to an account whose username you rename to.

[link] FAQ115 now includes "you might need to whitelist the IP, too."

[link] FAQ202 now includes a link to the latest entries page.

[link] FAQ148 now has info on google talk and skype.

[link] FAQ183 now contains info on voiceposting via Gizmo.

[link] FAQ134 now indicates that you can set screening settings both per-journal and per-entry.

And from wyntarvox:

[link] FAQ140 has had some wording changes.

[link] FAQ141 has been condensed down to make it more focused.
Tags: smackdown

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