an angel dressed in the blackest lace (lithiana) wrote in lj_userdoc,
an angel dressed in the blackest lace

sorry for all the spam :-)

  • faq 148 says click the appropriate link. since click here-type text is not recommended, i suggest this be changed to read More information about the limits imposed on:
  • faq 202 has the <lj-raw> tag in the wrong place compared to the other faqs, so the Further Reading section looks oddly spaced.
  • faq 180 uses $2 USD for pricing. this reads a bit oddly to me; US$10 might be clearer.
  • 126: It is possible to delete all of your journal entries without deleting your account. yes it is, but this is a bit misleading, because it implies there's a way to do it automatically. i suggest it read Although you can delete all your journal entries without deleting your account, LiveJournal does not provide a means to do this with a single command. To delete all your entries, you must <a href="lj://faq/2">delete each entry</a> individually.
Tags: cat-entries, cat-notifs, faq126, faq148, faq180, faq202, status-resolved

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