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[site nav] FAQ Proposal aka How can I use LiveJournal without pictures?

(Followup to this entry and this other entry.)

Drafty drafty draft. Take a look!

I'm having trouble coming up with good descriptions for ?format=light, Lynx, and Mobile. They're different, but it's difficult to describe how. Also, how exactly are people supposed to change to Lynx if they have pictures turned off? Speaking of a place that needs a text label... FAQ 40 should link to the placeholder information after this change.

How can I use LiveJournal with my cell phone, dial-up connection, or screenreader?

If you would like to simplify LiveJournal pages or limit the number of images, you can use site settings, site schemes and styles, friends page filters, and off-site options. These options are helpful to
  • reduce screen size for your mobile device
  • reduce bandwidth or download time while browsing LiveJournal on a metered or dial-up connection
  • increase accessibility when browsing LiveJournal with a screenreader

Most of these options are available with a Free account, but others (custom styles, mobile posts, voice posts, etc.) require a Paid account.

Site Settings

You can disable pictures on your Friends page or across all of LiveJournal.
  • Image Placeholders: You can turn on placeholders for images posted in your friends' entries by selecting the Use image placeholders on your friends page option on the Edit Personal Information page. This will cause all images, or all large images (depending on your chosen setting) on your Friends page to be replaced by a small generic placeholder image, which you can click on to view the posted image. Please note that images without defined sizes will be treated as large images for the purpose of a placeholder; therefore turning on image placeholders for large images will also hide some small images. Your web browser may also have an option to turn off pictures. For information, please consult your browser's documentation, help files, or technical support.

  • ?nohtml=1 : This option is usable on individual pages, not the entire site. You can disable HTML on a LiveJournal page by adding ?nohtml=1 to the end of the URL or &nohtml=1 if there is already a ? in the URL. The ?nohtml=1 option turns off HTML rendering, which prevents pictures from displaying and formatting tags from being used. However, the HTML tags which replace them may make the entries more difficult to read.
    • http://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends?nohtml=1: View your Friends page without HTML after replacing exampleusername with your username.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/mobile and ?format=light: Mobile is a simple format with few navigational graphics, developed for use on mobile devices and/or with low bandwidth. It doesn't apply to all pages, so you may also want to use the Lynx site scheme. Mobile uses LiveJournal's light format and applies it to entries on the Mobile Friends page by adding ?format=light to the end of the URL, or &format=light, if there is already a ? in the URL.
    • http://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends?format=light: View your Friends page in the light format after replacing exampleusername with your username.

Lynx Site Scheme & Styles

The Lynx site scheme, available from Browse Options is a simple format which applies to LiveJournal pages. With this scheme, you also can choose different style for your LiveJournal. No one style makes everyone happy, so you may want to customize your own style after taking a look at these simpler styles:
  • A Sturdy Gesture
  • Classic
  • Clean and Simple
  • Magazine
  • Tranquility II set to Tranquility II - Mobile Theme
  • Variable Flow

When you've found a style you enjoy, why not see it everywhere? Your Edit Personal Information page has an option to always View comment pages in your journal style? when those entries are linked from your Friends page.

Friends Page Filters

LiveJournal allows you to divide your Friends page into groups based on journal type or your preferences.
  • ?show= Add ?show=C (communities), ?show=N (news), ?show=P (personal), or ?show=Y (syndicated) to the end of your friends page URL to only show entries in that type of journal. For example, http://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/?show=C, after replacing exampleusername with your username, only shows entries in the communities you watch. You can also combine the letters to show multiple types of journals. (?show=PC or ?show=CY).
    • http://exampleusername.livejournal.com/friends/?show=C: View community entries on your Friends page after replacing exampleusername with your username.
  • Custom Friends Groups: A custom friends group contains the accounts of your choice from your Friends list. There are two special custom friends groups:
    • Default View: If you create a custom friends group called "Default View", only entries from those friends will display on your Friends page, so you never see all your friends' entries at one time.
    • Mobile View: If you create a custom friends group called Mobile View, your Mobile Friends page will display entries using your Mobile View. If you don't have a Mobile View, it will display entries from your Default View.

Off-site Options

You may not have known that you can use LiveJournal with computer software, email, and even your phone.
  • Downloadable Clients: Many clients allow you to manage your LiveJournal account and post entries without using a web browser.
  • Post by Email/Phone/Text Message (paid): If you don't want to update on LiveJournal, you can also email your entries, text message your entries or call special phone numbers to make an audio entry.
  • Post Pictures from Your Cell Phone (paid): If you have a cameraphone, why not post your pictures to LiveJournal so your friends can see them faster?
  • Receive Text Messages from Others (paid): If you have a cellphone, you might want to enable text messages from other users.
  • Get Comments via Email: All LiveJournal users have the option to receive comments when other users reply to their comments or entries. Paid LiveJournal users can also have their own comments emailed to them whenever they make a comment on the site.
  • Disable HTML Email: If you dislike HTML email, disable the Send HTML E-mails option on your Edit Personal Information page.
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