Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

FAQ #218: This might be using the old form of the URI? The Lifeblog FAQ #224 already uses the new [] format. Someone needs to clarify this technical point though. :) Anyone know?
Related info: These two lj_clients posts, & changelog entry linked from comment: lj_clients post | another lj_clients post.

The Lifeblog FAQ (#224) has moved to a new home in the 'Client Software' FAQcat, from 'Working with Other Sites'. bridgetester pointed out FAQ #218('how to post to LJ using generic clients') also details update methods using Atom; and, suggested bringing up the topic of whether the two FAQs should be merged.
Tags: cat-clients, cat-syn, faq218, faq224, status-resolved

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