Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

change in procedure!

You might have noticed that we haven't had a humongous smackdown post lately. It's not because we're not handling the suggestions that are posted here -- many of you have gotten comments indicating that your change was handled. The reason for this is simply that we're no longer going to be using the "smackdown" system. In conjunction with this, we're also going to be formally revoking the "48-hour rule". Together, these mean that proposals are going to be handled a lot faster. Our goal is to handle all proposals within seven days of being posted.

Now, to make sure things get handled as quickly as possible, we've created a "category docadmin" position, which means that the person is responsible for all the FAQs in a certain category. These positions are currently filled in by the supportadmins (though they don't necessarily align with their Support categories). This isn't restricted to supportadmins, though; if there's any openings in the future, we'll make sure to "advertise" here.

You can now consider these people -- along with the four full docadmins -- responsible for the FAQs within their individual categories. (For future reference, the faqedit priv list is the definitive list.)

basic: boredinsomniac
about: boredinsomniac
site_nav: christine
accounts: boredinsomniac
paidaccounts: idonotlikepeas
payments: arie
entries: legomymalfoy
troubleshooting: idonotlikepeas, dalryaug
userpics: wyntarvox
tags: bubba
comments: legomymalfoy
security: boredinsomniac
community: dalryaug
comm-manage: dalryaug
scrapbook: tinyjo
customize: angrychicken, isabeau, camomiletea
s1: isabeau, camomiletea
s2: isabeau, camomiletea
syn: bubba
clients: isabeau
abuse: wyntarvox
ext_sites: christine

Questions? :)
Tags: administrative

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