I am I (bridgetester) wrote in lj_userdoc,
I am I

[Usernames & Passwords] 71, 104, 127, 148, 202

All information, including errors, on usernames is now in 127 and all information on passwords is now in 71. Some of this information was previously in 104 or 148, which now link to 71 and 127.

Also, 127 has a new title: Why can't I have the username I want? Can I have the username of an abandoned account?

Edit: Based on snarkbite's learn_support entry, I added information on the Site and Username search to 202 and more reserved prefixes to 127.
Tags: cat-accounts, cat-notifs, faq104, faq127, faq148, faq202, faq71, status-resolved

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