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Inconsistencies between explanations of "how many entries back can I go" (148/226)

So FAQ 148 explains that:

The Recent Entries View can only display the 400 most recent entries of your journal. You can change how many of those entries display on one page. If you attempt to navigate back further than 400 entries, your journal will begin to use the Day View.

And this is so: when you go to (which shows you entries 381-400), navigate to the bottom, and click on the "earlier" link, it takes you back to the closest Day View option. So, indeed, as explained in the FAQ, you can only see up to your 400 most recent entries before Recent Entries View says, "Enough! No more!" ?skip=any number larger than 380 will show you entries 381-400, and this is consistent with how the Recent Entries View has functioned in the past, just adjusted for inflation to higher limits.

Now, FAQ 226 explains that:

When you create or edit an entry, you can specify keyword tags. You can then display up to 100 entries with that particular tag. ... You will then be able to see the last 100 entries from your journal with that tag. If you use the same tag on more than 100 entries, not all tagged entries will be shown.

However, when you go to (which shows you entries 81-100), navigate to the bottom, and click on the "earlier" link, it takes you back to (which shows you entries 101-120). And none of the entries on the latter overlap with the former, so, in fact, you are actually seeing your 120 most recent entries with that tag, in Tag View.

So, quick fix - anywhere Tag View limits are mentioned, 100 needs to actually be 120, for consistency's sake. I think this only occurs in FAQ 226, though?

Edit: Help us clarify this! :) Do you have access to/know of any instances where someone's got more than 120 entries assigned to a given tag that you can see? Can you test ?skip=100&tag and let us know if that works? Not sure if there's a difference between personal LJs and comms, and I don't know of a personal LJ with a tag cat of 120+ entries for me to test on ...

Edit (2): See Personal LJ, one tag cat has 107 entries, and he can browse them all through Tag View.

Edit (3): I just recounted on and am now only seeing 19 entries, or #101-#119. So I suspect it's a bug, and have filed a support request to confirm so. :)
Tags: cat-entries, faq148, faq226, status-rejected

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