I am I (bridgetester) wrote in lj_userdoc,
I am I

[S1] New Console Command & Customview.cgi Url Change

brad's lj_support entry:
customview.cgi is no longer on www. and will redirect to $JOURNAL/data/customview?..... An s1style will only show for a user if: it's owned by the user, it's owned by system, or they explicitly trust it. daveman692 added a console command to set a list of trusted s1styles. Its keyname is "trusted_s1" and value is comma-separated list of s1styleids.

So the s1styles command and the customview.cgi url change need to be documented. Since I'm only semi-knowledgeable about styles FAQs, someone else needs to determine where they should go. :)
Tags: cat-s1, faq128, faq164, status-resolved

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