Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

GPG version and FAQ #187 - How do I post by email or SMS?

The post by e-mail FAQ talks about uploading your PGP/GPG key to digitally sign messages. Apparently the GPG version needs to be version 1.24 or higher. This isn't documented in the FAQ, or at [1].

Source: changelog 2004 entry. Code comment from that changlog commit: 'E-mail posting with a note that gpg interaction requires gpg version 1.2.4 or better.'

I'm not really that familiar with that LiveJournal feature though so I can't suggest much in the way of wording. I'm not sure whether the user's key needs to have been generated using a GPG version of 1.24 or higher, or if it means something slightly different? So, some techie input from someone familiar with posting to LJ using GPG-signed e-mail is probably needed. :o)
Tags: cat-mobile, faq187, status-resolved

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