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Suggestion for FAQ 16

I have seen a few requests in which users were basically asking if someone else could delete their LiveJournal accounts on their behalf. This seems to especially happen when they have lost access to their old accounts because of forgotten passwords and lack of access to their currently registered e-mail accounts.

Thus, for FAQ 16, I was wondering if an extra sentence or two could be added explaining that no one else but themselves can delete their accounts, and that LiveJournal Support is unable to do it for them.

This may tie in with inactivity, which is discussed a little bit in the "Registered Accounts" section of FAQ 127. Perhaps the information there could be briefly re-iterated in FAQ 16 to let users know that if they have abandoned their accounts or cannot access them, that their accounts will not be deleted on that sole basis.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this. =) (And bridgetester, I promise I won't use the strike tag again this time after this has been resolved. ;) )
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