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Suggestions for changes to FAQ 40

I have a couple of suggestions for possible changes to FAQ 40.

1. In the very first section, it says:
The content in this problem section or customization has three main effects:
  • The LiveJournal page displays wider than your browser window; you need to scroll sideways to read the page.

  • The LiveJournal page displays out of order; old entries or comments are at the top of the page and newer entries are comments are below them.

Was there going to be a third "main effect" added, or should that be changed to "two?"

2. I haven't seen this happen yet (but I'm still new, LOL), but I think an extra measure could be taken to prevent potential regreens that say, "Okay, I see there's something wrong with this entry, but I pasted it in from quizilla.com and don't know anything about HTML. How do I fix it?" ;) (Er, no, I don't know how to properly write "n3tsp3@k" or whatever it's called. XD ). I have three possible ideas for this:

  • FAQ 72 is not mentioned nor linked to anywhere in FAQ 40. I think it should be, perhaps as a link to the phrase "correct any HTML problems" under the first bullet of the "Fixing a Problem Comment, Entry, or User Bio" section. This is especially because its "Troubleshooting" section provides some information on resources that the user might find useful in fixing his/her HTML.

  • Another possibility would be FAQ 189, which is only mentioned and linked to once at the very beginning of FAQ 40, but not in either the "Content Displaying Out of Order" or the "the "Fixing a Problem Comment, Entry, or User Bio" sections. However, not all problem entries have received the "irreparable invalid markup in entry" error message, so users might think this wouldn't apply to them.

  • Of course, the troubleshooting information could simply be repeated somewhere in the "Content Displaying Out of Order" or the "the "Fixing a Problem Comment, Entry, or User Bio" sections. Essentially, it's really just a couple of extra sentences that tell the user where he/she can find resources on troubleshooting HTML.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to consider this. Also, there are probably other potential ways to improve this FAQ, but I'm not thinking of them at the moment. =/

EDIT: I had accidentally selected the "FAQ140" tag but am unable to delete it from this entry. Would someone be so kind as to delete it for me? I apologize for the inconvenience here. ^_^;;
Tags: cat-troubleshooting, faq40, status-resolved

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