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Error on creating new user for a redirected rename (apropos of a Support request)

127 mentions lots of reasons why usernames can't be taken, but doesn't mention redirected renames. There is a link to 25 under reserved usernames, in context of the ex_ reservation, but nowhere else.

No one can create a journal in the name of a journal that's been renamed if it redirects. (Just tested: it gets a "username already in use" error.)

Suggestion on wording and placement, my addition in italics:
  • Inactive Accounts: Usernames of inactive accounts are not available because the logged-in owner has not chosen to delete it and LiveJournal does not delete accounts for inactivity.
    • The user could be posting protected entries.
    • The user could be without Internet access for prolonged periods of time, but continue with their journal later.
    • The user could have a journal primarily to comment and post entries in other journals or communities.
  • Deleted Accounts: Usernames of deleted accounts are not available because the owner can undelete them at any time. Deleted accounts remain in that state for at least 30 days, and there is no way to determine when they will be purged.
  • Renamed Accounts: Usernames of renamed accounts are sometimes available.
    • Usernames of renamed accounts using redirection are not available. These usernames are unavailable as long as the new account exists.
    • Usernames of renamed accounts using deletion will be available as soon as they have been purged.
  • Deleted and Purged Accounts: Usernames of deleted and purged accounts are available. You can obtain its username by renaming an existing username to the username of the deleted and purged account.
  • Suspended Accounts: Usernames of suspended accounts are never available for reuse. Because suspensions are used in situations where the LiveJournal Terms of Service have been violated, suspended accounts are permanently frozen in that state. Furthermore, because some suspensions are only temporary, such usernames cannot be released for use by others.
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