Arie (arie) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ 261

Our brand new userpic loyalty FAQ needs a bit of a clarification tweak.

The one extra userpic per continuous year of paid time isn't historical. The 1 per 3 months of paid time is, but not the 1 extra for each year of continuous paid time. That one you only get from this point forward.

So, for example, I...

Bought 6 months of paid time in 2004
Bought 12 months of paid time in 2005
And am currently a paid member
I would get:

2 loyalty userpics for the 6 months of paid time
4 loyalty userpics for the 12 months of paid time
For a total of 6 extra userpics.

If I bought ANOTHER 12 month paid account today, then I would get 5 more -- 4 for the one-every-three-months and a bonus one for the year of continuous time.

I can't suggest any wording tweaks right this second, but the first and last two paragraphs need to be edited to clarify this.

Thanks! You guys are awesome!
Tags: cat-userpics, faq261, status-resolved

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