Neverending Story (decadence1) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Neverending Story

Suggestion for: FAQ #218 - Can I post to my gerbil with an special alien client?

FAQ #218 has information about LiveJournal's support for the various APIs used by generic blog clients.

Something about these that's cropped up on the support board a few times (example support request) is what LiveJournal settings are required by a user wanting to post to their journal. Generally, they're using a Blogger API client. Different clients refer to the settings they require - usually a URL & username - by different names. The terms most frequently used, and enquired about, seem to be: 'RPC URL' or 'endpoint' and 'Blog ID'.

As the FAQ points out, users need to contact the client developer/documentation if they need help. I think it would be good if we could say something like LJ setting $foo will usually map to generic client option $bar though.

Example wordage (interface URL refers to existing one given in FAQ):
Terms used by different Blogger API clients for post settings do vary. Generic clients commonly require you to enter an 'RPC URL' / 'service endpoint' and a 'Blog ID'. The 'RPC URL' or 'service endpoint' is the interface URL given above, while the 'Blog ID' setting is normally your LiveJournal username.
Tags: cat-clients, faq218, status-resolved

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