Prisstina (museumfreak) wrote in lj_userdoc,

This is just an idea and not a fully developed userdoc proposal, mainly because it may belong to supportideas, and because I already have a supportideas proposal on my plate.

I've seen a question come up recently a few times on the board along the lines of "Should I use Blogger, LJ, TypePad, MovableType, [insert Foo blog service here]?" Each of these responses are going to be different because the user usually makes mention of specific features they are interested in. I don't think that this should formally be an LJ FAQ (unless we wanted to have an FAQ that literally says "why should I use LJ?") However, it would save a lot of time for us if 6 Apart were to have a page that compared features (especially of its own services) of different blogging services. That way, instead of going "oh my, where do I start with this?", I would have a list to point the user to and then could add something like "if you want a knitting community LiveJournal might be better, but if you want to host your knitting blog on your knitting website MovableType might be better.
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