Squirrel of Justice (snarkbite) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Squirrel of Justice

Small tweak to 220

Just a small wording tweak for FAQ 220 -- Can I transfer my paid time from 'iluvtim4evah' to 'timisabigfatass'?

Maybe it's just me, but the last sentence of 220 always reads a little oddly to me:

"However, this only changes the username of the paid account, and does not transfer the paid time in any way."

I know that technically it's true, since it's staying the same account -- but it still seems potentially confusing. "Well, what happens to my paid time, if it doesn't go to the new username?" is what I can see some people thinking.

I think a better wording might be something along these lines:

"However, this only changes the username of the paid account. It does not lengthen or otherwise change the amount of paid time remaining on the account."

Maybe someone else can come up with something better. Or maybe it's not needed, and it's just me, LOL. But I thought I'd toss it out there. ;)
Tags: cat-payments, faq220, status-resolved

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