kunzite (kunzite1) wrote in lj_userdoc,

more standards and consistency

so. we had the whole email and e-mail thing.

we've got inconsistency in account type lists and also customization terminology.

now we've got a handful of different account types. Free, Early Adopter, Paid and Permanent. also, we shall soon have the Sponsored or whatever it's called.

(bridgetester and burr86 point out that terms will be changing in the future. and some other site-wide things would need to be worked on.)

do we want it to be "Free Account" or "Free account"? with paid it's usually "Paid Account" since it's the title of several pages and links and such on the rest of the site.

there's should also be a consistent order. makes sense to me if it was in order of enablingness. starting with Free and ending with Permanent as the amount of abilities increases.

another faq-wide and even site-wide standards thing would be about the style system terminology. i see the term "style" used in many places where i think it should really be "layout."

(i was unsure about tags for this entry. those of you with ideas, go right ahead.)
Tags: cat-customize, cat-levels, cat-s1, status-resolved

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