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ScrapBook vs. Scrapbook + other misc.

ScrapBook as Scrapbook:

FAQ 246 - What is SB? One in both the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.
FAQ 131 - Paid Account Benefits 1 in the last bolded bullet
FAQ 114 - Paid Account expiry stuff 2 in the 'Pictures' section
FAQ 38 - Diff. Account Levels 1 in the last line.

This isn't an absolute list, I was only looking at the ScrapBook, Account Levels, About LJ, Accounts, Tags, and Comments cats. There may be more out there (cue eerie music).

Other Stuff:

FAQ 254 - How do I upload a ScrapBook picture and add it to my LiveJournal?
"You can also use HTML to add the images to your comment, custom mood theme, entry, user bio, or external web page."

Wording here is awkward to me. My brain wants comment, entry and mood theme to be plural. Sentence occurs twice, in the summary and in the last section.

FAQ 57 - How can I help?
Points to the old test server. Needs updating to http://www.test.dev.livejournal.org/?

FAQ 164 - How do I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?
"..the maintainers of suggestions will migrate your suggestion to the LiveJournal bug- and project-tracking database"

I wasn't quite sure what was going on with those hyphens. Is there meant to be one after bug?

FAQ 25 - How do I change my username?
Special Cases - Underscores
"...with an underscore; you do not need any rename token."

any rename tokens, a rename token?

ETA: Is this stuff worth pointing out? I feel kinda stupid making notes of it all if it's not any use. Anyone?
Tags: cat-about, cat-accounts, cat-levels, cat-scrapbook, faq114, faq131, faq164, faq246, faq25, faq254, faq38, faq57, status-resolved

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