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Errors in FAQ #60

FAQ #60 has a couple of errors/inconsistencies.

First, there's the labeled/labelled inconsistency, which can be seen in the following sentences:

Interests page: You can enter someone's username in the box labeled "Modify your interests based on those of:" to add some of their interests.

Interest Search: By typing an interest in the Interests page's box labelled "Find people and communities interested in:", you can find people who are interested in the selected topic.

Then there's a "that sentence makes no sense" error:

If no one else lists an interest you have, it will not as plain text on your User Info page.

That's probably supposed to be "appear as plain text". I think it might have said "will not be linked" before, when the FAQ was arranged differently, and didn't get fully reworded.

Also, a question about this:

Account Creation Date: Because of the strain it would put on the database to load all the usernames who list a popular interest, this search is limited to the oldest 500 communities and the oldest 500 users who list the interest, based on the account's creation date.

Is this accurate? I'm sure we used to tell people it was based on when the user added the interest to their interests list, not on when they created their account. Were we wrong then, are we wrong now, or has the search mechanism changed?
Tags: cat-notifs, faq60, status-resolved

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