fish (ymf) wrote in lj_userdoc,

userpic factory

I noticed that the FAQs haven't been updated to include information about the Userpic factory yet. While the userpic factory may seem somewhat like a no-brainer, I personally think that there should still be general information on what the userpic factory is about, and the circumstances under which a user will be directed to the userpic factory.

For instance FAQ #1 describes the dimensions and size limitations of a userpic, but that is not entirely true because you can upload a bigger picture (that may even exceed the 40kb limit) and have it resized through the userpic factory. Or that pictures that exceed the dimensions/size limitations can only be workshopped on if they are of the correct formats.

ps. sorry, i posted it to the wrong community just now...
Tags: cat-userpics, faq1, faq98, status-resolved

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