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Lots of FAQs to update!

This is somewhat of a placeholder; I'm going through the FAQs right now and noting which ones need to be modified to address Sponsored+ accounts, and crossed off as we go along.

Right now: need S+ test accounts to test todo list stuff for 86, and 145 requires someone stylesy to critique/inform.

6: "if you have a paid, perm, or S+ account, you can add images to scrapbook"

86: How many todo list items does S+ get? 25 (like free), 150 (like everyone else), or something in between?

145: "# Paid and Permanent accounts: all customization options and all system styles.

# Early Adopter accounts: most customization options (excluding customized comment pages) and all system styles."

Between those two lines, we need an explanation of what Sponsored+ accounts have access to in terms of customizations. Either that, or between EA and Free users, depending on where in the ranking S+ falls for this set of features.

16: Deleted journals of all account types (Free, Paid, Sponsored+, Early Adopter, and Permanent Accounts) are eligible for purging.

169: Early Adopter: 30 links should read "Early Adopter and Sponsored+: 30 links."

68: If S+ accounts can use customview URLs, then this and the related embedding howto need to be updated. They can't, so we're good.

30: "you will need to purchase a paid account, or upgrade to a sponsored+ account. ... Paid, Perm and s+ holders can set up their text messaging options ..."

152: Additionally, if a syndicated account has already been created for an off-site journal by a Paid or Permanent Account holder, a Free Account or a Sponsored+ holder can add it to their Friends page. However, Free and Sponsored+ account holders cannot create a new Syndicated Account.

183: "Paid, Permanent, and Sponsored+ accounts have the ability to post audio recordings to their LiveJournals by calling special phone numbers." ... "Frequency: 20 voice posts per calendar month for Paid and Permanent Accounts. Sponsored+ accounts receive 5 voice posts per calendar month." ... "Space: 2048 MB (2 GB) of storage space for Paid accounts, unless you buy more. Sponsored+ accounts receive 1024 MB (1 GB) of storage space; Permanent accounts are afforded 10240 MB (10 GB) of storage space."

194: If you have a Sponsored+, Paid or Permanent account, you can also use LiveJournal's ScrapBook photo hosting service to create a userpic.

246: ScrapBook, LiveJournal's image and video hosting service, is available to personal journals with Sponsored+, Paid and Permanent Accounts.

also, later in 246: Paid Accounts on LiveJournal have 2048 MB (2 GB) of disk storage space by default (upgradeable to 10 GB), while Permanent Accounts have 10240 MB (10 GB) of disk storage space. *Sponsored+ Accounts have 1024 MB (1 GB) of disk storage space.*

and then the last line of 246: Exceeding Space Limit: Once your files fill your storage space, you cannot upload additional images to ScrapBook unless you delete some files, or in the case of Paid Account holders, upgrade to 10GB of space.

259: Most of these options are available with a Free account, but others (custom styles, mobile posts, voice posts, etc.) require a Paid account or a Sponsored+ account.

Already addressed: 38, 114 :) and of course, those numbered 260+. 68.
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