a cat named Tempest (isabeau) wrote in lj_userdoc,
a cat named Tempest

Change to FAQ 177

I'm thinking of rewriting FAQ 177 so it covers custom theme layers as well as custom layout layers (since a lot of times people think "custom style" when they don't necessarily mean that). So the first part of the FAQ -- after the short-blurb bit but before the information on creating a custom style -- would be something along the lines of, "if you want to tweak an existing style, use a custom theme layer to change the bits you want to change; here's how to do that", and then clarify that the custom layout layer is mainly useful for wider-scope changes or fully custom styles.

Comments / suggestions / corrections, before I draft it up? (Will pass the revised text by y'all before making it live, but I may as well save a bit of time by incorporating comments beforehand, if there are any.)
Tags: cat-cust-adv, faq177, status-resolved

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