Don't Techno for an Answer (boredinsomniac) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Don't Techno for an Answer

linkifying Sponsored+

"Sponsored+" should link to... um, something... in the following Premium Features FAQs: (custom moods) (domain forwarding)

Which FAQ should be used? In Account Types, Phone posting, and text messaging, 263 is used. In Email forwarding, 262 is used.

Also, (express lane) should have Paid and Permanent capitalized to be consistent with other FAQs.

Also, post pictures from cell could perhaps say "These features are only available to blah" at the end of the first paragraph?
Tags: cat-cust-adv, cat-features, cat-levels, cat-mobile, cat-notifs, faq129, faq183, faq187, faq30, faq38, faq64, faq74, status-resolved

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