a cat named Tempest (isabeau) wrote in lj_userdoc,
a cat named Tempest

New FAQ proposal

I'm wondering whether there should be a "How do I change the account level of my journal or community?" FAQ -- probably in Account Levels, right under the "What are the different account levels?" FAQ -- detailing:

* Early Adopter status: can't get
* Free status: If S+, go here; if Paid, wait for expiration; if EA/Perm, why the heck would you want to? can't
* S+ status: Individual EA or Free account, go here; Paid, wait for expiration; Perm, tough luck; community, tough luck
* Paid status: go here
* Permanent status: not generally available, sometimes sales

I mainly thought of this because of the S+ <=> Free change; it's not really intuitive to look in the "Why are there ads on LiveJournal?" stock for information on conversion. It would also probably be nice to have all of the information in one place, though.
Tags: cat-levels, faq262, status-resolved

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