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202 and 257

202 - How do I find people on LJ

I was wondering whether this FAQ should say something about finding people through the Schools Directory.

* Schools Directory - You can search for people by schools they have attended.

I don't know whether a disclaimer of sorts saying not everybody lists themselves is necessary or not.

257 - What are galleries? How do I change the gallery settings on my pictures?

Revisioning + re-explanation of idea:

Tag galleries (galleries which have the option to add all pictures with a specific tag selected) no longer show up on the Manage Galleries page. However they appear as galleries on the Manage Tags page (and the edit link from there is the same as it would be were it on the Manage Galleries page). I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended behavoiur, though I'm kind of assuming the latter. I was looking in RT but all I got was #1722 about sub-galleries of tagged galleries appearing wrongly.

Anyway, so I wanted to have FAQ 257 mention tagged galleries and the Manage Tags page because at the moment it only mentions the Manage Galleries page. Originally I thought it would be enough just to link to it, but after some thought and prodding from bridgetester I think for it to be understandable it's going to need a bit of explanation as well.

Something like:

When you create a new gallery you are given two different ways in which you can add images to it: 'Manually' or 'Automatically by Tag'. If you choose 'Manually' you will need to add any images you want in that gallery to it manually. If you choose 'Automatically by Tag' you can specify a tag and whenever you use that tag on an image it will automatically be added to your gallery. By default this option is set to 'Manually'.

If you choose 'Manually' your gallery will appear on the Manage Galleries Page and be editable from there. If you choose 'Automatically by Tag' your gallery will appear on the Manage Tags page and be editable from there. The edit interface for both types of galleries is, however, the same.

Blah blah, interface stuff that's already in there.
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