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FAQ 40

(Edited on May 17, 2006, at 7:40 AM PST.)

I have a correction and a suggestion for FAQ 40.

EDIT: Correction was already done (thanks, dalryaug!), so I'm putting it under an lj-cut if anyone wants to see what was fixed:  

First, the correction:

The second bulleted item in the very first section of FAQ 40 says:
The LiveJournal page displays out of order; old entries or comments are at the top of the page and newer entries are comments are below them.
The underlined word seems to be a typo and probably should say "and."

Now, the suggestion:

In the section titled "Fixing a Problem Comment, Entry, or User Bio," I think that it should also be suggested that the user can temporarily change their layout to one that isn't susceptible to b0rked HTML (ie., Component, Smooth Sailing, etc., although it's probably not necessary to provide specific examples in the FAQ).

SECOND EDIT (May 22, 2006): I have an additional suggestion for the solutions for entries with malformed HTML. Some entries with b0rked HTML aren't flushed out until a Free user switches to Sponsored+. The problem entries by themselves aren't enough to break some layouts, but when ads are enabled, their code interacts adversely with the bad HTML in the problem entries. Thus, I was also thinking that it could be suggested that the user could temporarily switch back to a Free Account until the problem entry moves off the page. A link to FAQ 262 could also be included.

Thanks in advance. =)
Tags: cat-troubleshooting, faq40, status-resolved

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