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Explain me what is justice, what is right?

Display limit of Members/Watched By should be noted in a FAQ somewhere...

Thanks to the answer given in this request, I now finally know what the display limitations of the Members and Watched By lists are for Community Info pages (5000 for each, including the deleted, purged, and/or suspended users that are counted but would not display on the lists).

I would like to see this information displayed in a FAQ somewhere, although I'm not sure which one. =/

The most obvious choice would probably be FAQ 148.

"The User Info Page" section in FAQ 61 may also be a possibility, except that it mainly pertains to personal journals and not communities.

And I'm not sure which of the Comms FAQs would be best suited for this information. I suppose that it could go in FAQ 77, but I'm not sure that it's the best one for it.

EDIT (May 23, 2006): Don't know why I pointed to that section for FAQ 61. >.> The maximum number of users that someone can friend is listed in the first paragraph of the FAQ. Sorry about that.

Also, thanks to whomever added the additional tags, but... I think you meant to choose faq77, not faq71. ^_~ I've gone ahead and added the faq77 tag but am unable to remove the one for faq71 for this entry. Would someone be so kind as to take care of that? Thanks again! XD
Tags: cat-about, cat-community, cat-security, faq148, faq61, faq77, status-resolved

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