she of the remarkable biochemical capabilities! (ursamajor) wrote in lj_userdoc,
she of the remarkable biochemical capabilities!

FAQ 8: printing entries using ?format=light instead of ?usescheme=lynx ?

There was a req on the board today about a non-user mom printing out her daughter's LiveJournal entries to make a scrapbook for her, and FAQ 8 says "Use the Lynx site scheme." However, ?usescheme=lynx doesn't override custom comment pages, nor does switching one's sitescheme to Lynx do so. But using ?format=light will. And it will do it in a way that means there's no worries about clashing background colors and light text not printing properly.

I think using ?format=light makes more sense here, even though there's no way to automatically force-append it to the end of each entry's URL. At the least, I think it's worth discussing adding this to FAQ 8 - is there a reason we only recommend the usescheme solution, as opposed to including ?format=light?
Tags: cat-entries, faq8, status-resolved

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