Life is a Highway (highway) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Life is a Highway

My apologies for the two errant posts, but how about

My apologies... I did post in the wrong community where it should have been uss_archer. I've deleted the two journal entries and reposted them in the right community.

To answer gooner's question, that was a grammar error on part of the person who wrote it which has been corrected. I take the log entries of about 12 different individuals who play various characters and insert them in the community log.

Even good maltor is a member of the ship :)

To answer xenofalcon, like I said to gooner I didn't write it but I'll the person who did write it know. Thanks.

To answer standist, actually that would be FAQ62750A (uss archer), 1701 would be the Enterprise, different ship, same starship-class (Sovereign Class Explorer).

To answer ntang, you forgot the third option, 'delete it'.

To ansewr lucretio, 'whoops' x2

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