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Userpic Factory and Userpic FAQ reworking

So, based on discussion here, we decided to repurpose FAQ 98 and make it "What are the requirements for uploading a userpic? Why am I getting an error?" This FAQ will consolidate all of the size/format/other requirements userpics need to meet, rather than mentioning the 100x100, 40kb and JPEG/GIF/PNG stuff in about three different FAQs.

Userpics must meet certain size, file type and other requirements before you can upload them.


Image Formats

An image must be in either JPEG, GIF or PNG image format before you can use it as a userpic. The image must actually be one of these image formats; renaming the file so that it has one of the accepted file extensions does not convert the image properly. If you receive an error message stating "Invalid image file," you have either selected a non-image file to upload or the image has been corrupted; you will need to find or make another version of it.

Size Requirements

If your userpic is not a JPEG image or you are uploading it from a URL, you will need to resize it so that it fits within the following requirements before you upload it:
  • Maximum height: 100 pixels
  • Maximum width: 100 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 40 Kilobytes (KB)

If your image is a JPEG image and you are uploading it from your computer, you do not need to resize it before you upload it. If you upload a larger JPEG image, you will be directed to the Userpic Factory. The Userpic Factory lets you resize your image so that it meets the above size requirements.


If you try to resize an image with the Userpic Factory but receive an error stating that the Userpic Factory could not resize the image down, it means your image has metadata attached to it. Metadata is information about the image that image editing programs and digital cameras sometimes add. The Userpic Factory cannot process images with metadata, so you will need to either remove the metadata from the image or resize the image yourself before you try to upload it.

Please note that the Userpic Factory may not work correctly in all browsers. If the Userpic Factory does not work for you, try upgrading your browser to the latest version or try using a different browser.

If you still receive an error after correcting any issues with your userpic's size and format, please make sure you are viewing the most recent version of the page.

The paragraph in FAQ 1 will be replaced with a link to the new FAQ 98. Similarly, the sentence in 194 mentioning the requirements will be replaced with a link. FAQ 194 will also get a brief line saying "If it's a JPEG and you're uploading from your computer, you can use the UPF[link to 98] to resize it."

What say you?
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