Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan

FAQ 148: data limitations

... What's the point of this FAQ? (Okay, okay, I'm not looking for an answer here since I know that it's really the "put stuff here so it's documented SOMEWHERE" FAQ, and I probably was the one who proposed the idea in the first place, but).

Seriously, going down the lists:
* Data limitations on the edit profile page: what's wrong with "type until you're stopped" (TUYS)? Only one that's really valuable here is the length of the bio.

* Other input: journal title, TUYS, comment limitations can go in the comment FAQ, memory limitations go in the memory FAQ, polls go in the poll FAQ, userpic keywords/comments go into the userpic FAQs. Only one that doesn't have its own home is the portal's note to self.

* Entries: entry text goes into the updating FAQ, currents goes into the currents FAQ, subjects goes into the updating FAQ, entry dates into the updating FAQ (or backdating), recent entries view can go into the "# journal entries per page" FAQ, editjournal.bml goes into the editing FAQ

* S2 styles/layers goes into those FAQs, mems/keywords/moodthemes goes into those FAQs, image URLs goes into the moodtheme FAQ.

So we're left with, "bio is restricted to 65,535 chars" and "portal's note to self is limited to 255 chars". Suggestions on where to put those, if we think we need to keep them documented? Otherwise, anyone care to convince me that this FAQ is actually useful? :P
Tags: cat-about, faq148, status-resolved

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