Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Abe Hassan


No content changes were harmed in the tweaking of these FAQs. And pardon the slightly snarky commentary. *g*

FAQ132: removed the extraneous "here's where to find the 'browse options' link, despite the fact that we already gave you this link two lines up" paragraph. Cleaned up the organization a bit, too.

FAQ186: de-assed the FAQ entirely, removed duplicate information.

FAQ264: de-capitalized Navigation Strip, minor wording tweaks, nothing major.

FAQ70: removed link to the /view/?type=month URL form, in favor of the actual URL form for month views (and for consistency with other URLs listed here). Removed Further Reading back to FAQ148, since it's a pithole and doesn't actually contain much of anything relevant to this FAQ :P

FAQ60: removed the "don't steal people's interests" bit, because the FAQ really isn't the place for that.

FAQ249: minor wording tweak, nothing really important.

FAQ159: interesting stuff, no really, but ... "session authcode"? dumbed this FAQ down by a factor of ten to make it more palatable to the average reader.

FAQ47: This FAQ makes me cry, deep down in my soul. I don't even have the strength to tweak this FAQ around, but if anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it (or maybe even ways we can split it with FAQ 49), please comment. :)
Tags: cat-accounts, cat-customize, cat-entries, cat-features, cat-notifs, faq132, faq159, faq186, faq249, faq264, faq47, faq60, faq70, status-resolved

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