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FAQ7: Updated to refer to the new /customize/
FAQ168: Ditto
FAQ145: Ditto ditto.
FAQ205: Ditto ditto ditto
FAQ96: Ditto ditto ditto ditto
FAQ13: Ditto x 5

FAQ14: Updated the FAQ title to be the most common use cases rather than "let's encapsulate anything and everything". Cleaned up summary. Removed "tell us if you know of a safe way to do this!" because I can't see us going 'oh wow, a safe way to add JS! let's get right on that'. And because video support is coming soon. :P Also removed the "usernames and passwords are stored in your cookies" line -- they aren't. :)

FAQ192: simplified the summary text. cleaned up the "support can't help you" para. Am going WTF over the "make sure you have permission to use this" text; tweaked it around a bit and moved it, though I'm considering nuking it entirely (as it's not our place to lecture people about that)

FAQ251: Cleaned up S1 text, did a style/layout swap in S2

FAQ12: /customize/ cleanup, minor text scrubbing, nothing major.
Tags: cat-customize, faq12, faq13, faq14, faq145, faq168, faq192, faq205, faq251, faq7, faq96, status-resolved

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