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Denoting account level-specific FAQs

Time to follow up on my last post on the subject of account level-specific FAQs. Point being that I'd like FAQs targeted at certain account levels - paid-only jojurnal customisations, for example - to have a little disclaimer at the top saying they only apply to those account levels.

Now that 6A actually has the new level names nailed down, it might be time to add these disclaimers as long as we're going through and changing the account level names. Having the disclaimer at the top of the FAQ means we don't have to keep mentioning "paid and permanent only" throughout the rest of the FAQ, and it's a Good Thing All Round™.

I've had a bit of a think as regards the content of the disclaimer, so I have an updated proposal. Because the disclaimer uses LiveJournal site scheme CSS, I'm going to put my proposed text behind a cut:

This FAQ applies only to Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts. To check your account type, please see your profile page. (→ More information on account levels)

The code is dead simple, if you're making your own:

<div class="warningbar">This FAQ applies only to Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts. To check your account type, please see your <a href="[[journalurl]]/profile/">profile page</a>. <small><i>(&rarr; <a href="lj://faq/38">More information on account levels</a>)</i></small></div>

Obviously, the text is up for discussion, which is why I'm posting. The one deviation I might like to make is when the FAQ applies to EA, Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts, in which case I'd suggest saying "This FAQ does not apply to Basic accounts." instead. As long as I'm going through the FAQs for a bit of a level name-cleaning, I'll add this disclaimer where it applies and remove redundant references thereafter.

Any objections to, or suggested alternatives for, the wording?
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