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various using link to /modify.bml

Modify Journal page is no longer there (/modify.bml). It now redirects to Customize Journal page (/customize/). The following FAQs need to be updated, because they refer to Modify Journal page:

FAQ 32: "Change your journal's mood theme with the Modify Journal page." and section "Mood Themes"

FAQ 250: "Basic S1 customization is controlled at the Modify Journal page.", possibly more.

FAQ 97: "You can add a background to your journal through the use of a GLOBAL_HEAD override, which can be entered on the Modify Journal page.", plus this needs to be either deleted or corrected to reflect current stuff: "If the main option you see on this page is the ability to select mood icons, you are using the S2 style system, and will need to go to the Customize Journal page to customize your journal or switch to S1."

FAQ 124: "They are inserted into the Styles Override box near the bottom of the Modify Journal page.", "If the Modify Journal page is missing some options, then your journal is set to use the S2 style system. You will need to go to the Customize Journal page to customize your journal in S2 or to switch to S1."

FAQ 129: "While logged in, go to your Modify Journal page and scroll down to the Domain Aliasing section." I think that option is elsewhere now?

FAQ 170: This sentence can be removed: "Some journal options, such as your journal's mood theme, remain available through the Modify Journal page even when you are using S2."
Tags: cat-cust-adv, cat-entries, cat-s1, faq124, faq129, faq170, faq250, faq32, faq97, status-resolved

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