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Terminology for /customize/

Now that the Journal Display area has quite a few different options and different locations for the options, we're standardising the terminology the FAQs will use to refer to these options and locations.

The Journal Display page as whole (http://www.livejournal.com/customize/) will be referred to as the "Journal Display area".

The four parts of the area ("Basic", "Look and Feel", "Custom Options" and "Advanced") will be referred to as "tabs". Also, when talking about an option on one of these tabs, link to the tab directly, rather than simply linking to /customize/. For example, when talking about the Look and Feel tab, link to http://www.livejournal.com/customize/style.bml and say something similar to "...on the Look and Feel tab of the [Journal Display] area..." where [Journal Display] is the link to /customize/style.bml.

The different groups of options on each tab will be referred to as "sections", as will the sections listed along the top of the Custom Options tab. For example, "Layout & Language" on the Look and Feel Tab is a section and so is "Presentation" on the Custom Options tab.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you're posting proposals for changes to existing FAQs or drafts for new FAQs.
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