Mrs. Twirly McDuck (twirlandswirl) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Mrs. Twirly McDuck

MINOR minor minor userdoc/grammar thing that caught my eye tonight.

FAQ #256 talks about customizing your ScrapBook. The second paragraph reads:

To choose the style applied to a gallery, visit the Manage Your Galleries page, click on the name of the gallery you'd like to edit, and change the style in the Advanced box. To set your default style, create a style or edit a style, go to the Your Styles page.

For the sake of uniformity, correctness, and grammar, "Advanced" in Advanced box should be in quotations or some such. It's the only "title" that isn't, and, otherwise, it's a really eye-catching miscapitalization to anyone as anal-retentive as I can be. (You can't tell it from my copy/paste, but if you go to the actual FAQ, you'll see that "Manage Your Galleries" is a link and, hence, not in need of the same correction.)

Or, if I'm making a mountain out of a mole-hill, hey, that's cool, too.
Tags: cat-scrapbook, faq256, status-resolved

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