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FAQ Change Proposal - Placeholders

Many users have image and video placeholders turned on for some other reason than browsing LiveJournal via a phone, dial up connections or screen reader. That being said, FAQ #259 needs a change.

The question that defines the FAQ currently reads:
How do I use LiveJournal with my cell phone, dial-up connection, or screenreader?

It should be changed to:
How do I hide/display images and videos while browsing LiveJournal?

- - -

The list of reasons given for using the Lynx scheme, or hiding images should be amended to:
  • reduce screen size for your mobile device;
  • reduce bandwidth or download time while browsing LiveJournal on a metered or dial-up connection;
  • increase accessibility when browsing LiveJournal with a screenreader.
  • limit the display of work inappropriate material when browsing from work

- - -

The bullet item on image placeholders should be updated as follows:
  • Image Placeholders: You can turn on or off placeholders for images posted in your friends' entries by changing the Image placeholders option on the Viewing Options page. When enabled, this will cause all images, or all large images (depending on your chosen setting) on your Friends page to be replaced by a small generic placeholder image, which you can click on to view the posted image. Please note that images without defined sizes will be treated as large images for the purpose of a placeholder; therefore turning on image placeholders for large images will also hide some small images. Your web browser may also have an option to turn off pictures. For information, please consult your browser's documentation, help files, or technical support. This does not have any effect on Userpics.

- - -

Under Site Settings, a bulleted item should be added after Image placeholders. Something like this:
  • Embed Placeholders: You can turn on or off placeholders for embedded content such as videos posted in your friends' entries by changing the Embed placeholders option on the Viewing Options page. When enabled, this will cause all properly embedded material to display a placeholder image similar to the one seen for Image placeholders. If you wish to view the embedded object, simply click on it. This only works on video posts and has no effect on voice posts.

- - -

The remainder of the FAQ works as written.
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