haiduc (fyre) wrote in lj_userdoc,

New FAQ needed for syn

There really should be a FAQ documenting the ability to change synfeed level.

Potential Title: How do I turn off my journal's RSS feed, or change the amount of text it shows?

Potential text:

While it is not possible to completely disable your journal's RSS feed, LiveJournal does offer the ability to change the syndication level of your feed. The following syndication levels are available:
  • FULL: This is the default level, showing the full text of your entries.

  • SUMMARY: Show only the first paragraph of each entry.

  • TITLE: Show only the subject of each entry.

To change your journal's syndication level, you will need to enter the following command in the admin console:

set synlevel <level> (where is either "full", "summary", or "title").
Tags: cat-syn, status-rejected

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