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Display security image icons in FAQ #24?

After seeing a few support requests that asked about the little lock icon, or that wondered how one would know if a post was protected, I figured that FAQ 24 could benefit from a little tweaking, including the addition of the relevant icons:

Security Levels

  • PUBLIC: All visitors to the site can read Public entries, even if they are not logged into a LiveJournal account.

  • FRIENDS: Personal journals that you list as Friends can read entries with the Friends security level. Even if someone lists you as a Friend, they will not be able to view your Friends-only entries, unless you also choose to list them as a Friend. Entries posted with this security level will appear with the Friends security level icon ().

  • CUSTOM: A chosen group of people you list as Friends, as defined by custom friends groups you create, can read a Custom entry. Entries posted with this security level will appear with the Friends security level icon ().

  • PRIVATE: Only you can read your Private entries. Entries posted with this security level will appear with the Private security level icon ().

Authentication for Protected Entries

LiveJournal uses cookies stored in a visitor's web browser to track who is logged in and show them any non-Public entries they are authorized to see. If you are authorized to see an entry, it will appear when you view the user's journal directly. You can tell if you are viewing a protected entry because it will display the Friends security level icon () if only Friends or a Custom friends group can view it, or the Private security level icon () if it is an entry that you have marked Private and that only you can view.

Obviously, feel free to tweak the suggested text...

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