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Announcement: FAQ of the Week

The "FAQ of the Week" will provide in-depth criticism of a particular FAQ (usually a long and complicated one), so it can become extra-shiny. Feel free to discuss formatting, style, grammar, typos (hopefully none), order within the FAQ or category, content additions/subtractions, title/category change, and any other ideas about this FAQ. Please avoid blanket statements such as "This is bad" or "This is good" without trying to provide some reason.

We're going to start with the most popular FAQs, based on the LJ portal module. After those are done, another process (TBD) will be used to pick FAQs. Since there are a whole lot of FAQs, this post will provide a list of reviewed FAQs to limit repetition.

Most popular FAQs (as of 9/24 portal module):
[9/24] FAQ 75: How do I hide part of my entry behind a link? What is a lj-cut? (11431)
[10/3] FAQ 226: What are tags? How do I use them? (8554)
FAQ 1: What are userpics? How do I upload them? (7812)
FAQ 67: How do I add a link to another journal or web site? (7717)
FAQ 6: How do I add images to my journal entries, user bio or comments? (4846)
FAQ 11: How do I validate my email address? (4722)
FAQ 46: How many userpics can I have? (4131)
FAQ 24: How do I control who can read my journal entries? What are security settings? (3907)
FAQ 207: How do I ... (3335)
FAQ 102: What are custom friends groups? How do I use them? (3045)
Tags: administrative

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