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Hi there, happy, peppy LiveJournal folks! It's everyone's favorite twirl to swirl here, suggesting an addition to one of the ScrapBook FAQs.

Let's all say hello to FAQ 257. (Hiiiiii, FAQ 257!)

There's a small section, difficult for even the trained eye to find, under the "Manage Galleries" heading in the middle of the FAQ, which reads:

Selecting 'allow copies' will mean a 'copy gallery' link will appear to those viewing your gallery if the style you are using for your Scrapbook supports this. Other users can use this link to copy your entire gallery to their own Scrapbook. Please note that choosing to not allow copies will not stop users from being able to save and re-upload your images to their own gallery manually.

It's cute, isn't it? Unfortunately, it isn't terribly prominent, and when the issue of its un-clarity came up in this fabulous Support request today, I was advised not to even bother linking to a FAQ.

Well, I thought to myself, it sure would be useful if I had a FAQ to link to, to be more official and allow the user something nice and clear cut to see. Plus, that little snippet doesn't really include everything, anyway. So, I draft this proposal to all gathered here: instead of having this little nugget of information nestled among a huge block of text under a non-descriptive heading, between the two headings of "Annotate" and "Delete Gallery," I believe we should add:

Copying Galleries

On the "Manage Gallery" page, you may select the "allow copies" option. When selected, this will cause a "copy gallery" link to appear for other users viewing your gallery. Please note that not all ScrapBook styles accomodate this feature.

While others can use this link to automatically copy your entire gallery automatically to their own ScrapBook, disabling the option does not stop users from manually saving your images to their own computer and uploading them separately.

Copied images will not retain any original tags, annotations, or security settings- these will have to be manually added after the gallery is copied.

Anyway, that's my first attempt at an actual write-in of userdoc material... my previous posts have just been small grammatical or link fixes, so this was kind of scary! Anyway, it's a suggestion. If I/you ought to tweak something, please, let me know or do so because I feel it will be much more clear to users in the future who want to copy their galleries, want to know if others can copy their galleries, or don't know their tags won't transfer over. (Unless something's changed and I'm behind....)
Tags: cat-scrapbook, faq257, status-resolved

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