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FAQ 226: What are tags? How do I use them?

This is the second FAQ of the Week.

Feel free to discuss formatting, style, grammar, typos (hopefully none), order within the FAQ or category, content additions/subtractions, title/category change, and any other ideas about this FAQ. Please avoid blanket statements such as "This is bad" or "This is good" without trying to provide some reason.


What are tags? How do I use them?

Tags are words and short phrases used to organize your journal entries. When you create or edit an entry, you can specify keyword tags. You can then display up to 100 entries with that particular tag. You may also be interested in HTML markup tags, <lj-cut> tags, <lj user> tags, Memories, and the rest of the Tags FAQ Category.

Adding Tags

You can add tags to a journal entry while making the entry or when editing an entry.
  • When adding tags to a new entry, you will need to type the tag name by hand, and separate multiple tags on the same entry with a comma, such as "pets, Rover".

  • After you post the entry, you can also click the icon labeled "TAG" in the entry management bar on the entry or an Edit Tags link. This icon or link leads to the "Edit Tags" page, where you can define new tags for the entry or select previously-used tags.
    • http://www.livejournal.com/edittags.bml?journal=exampleusername&itemid=####

Viewing Tags

  • View entries with a specific tag by replacing tagname with the name of the tag you wish to view.
    • [[journalurl]]/tag/tagname

  • You will then be able to see the last 100 entries from your journal with that tag. If you use the same tag on more than 100 entries, not all tagged entries will be shown. You may wish to divide the tag into smaller subcategories.

  • You can also view two tag categories at once by typing a comma to separate the two tags. Replace tag1 and tag2 with the names of the tags you wish to view.
    • [[journalurl]]/tag/tag1,tag2

Tag Listing

The Tag listing page shows all of your tags and how often you've used them. In certain styles, this page shows security levels for tags which the user has privileges to see; this display shows when visible tags have been used on entries inaccessible to the user.
  • [[journalurl]]/tag/

Tags Management

Along with the same information as the Tag listing page, the Tags Management page also allows you to add, delete, or rename your tags. This page always shows you the security settings for each tag. Renaming or deleting tags does not affect the original entries.
Tags: cat-entries, faq226, status-resolved

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